Antique Pianos

When a piano is new, the sound board has been curved to make the vibrations expand and sound bigger. Over time the crown goes out of the sound board due to a thousand pounds of string pressure over many years, shown by the piano’s lack of sustain in the middle area which suffers and dies out fast,  this causes the artist to play fast songs to hide the pianos inability to sustain or hold on to a note.  It’s like rushing through a song like Clair de lune instead of romancing it.

What Naples Piano Company can do is re-curve the existing aged wood sound board (highly desired) and make an old piano sound like new again.  Aged wood is very desirable whether in a violin or a piano, as it is very responsive and excites easily to transmit or project the tone to the audience.  The piano over time has been out of balance with the bass sustaining and the middle and treble holding on for less time.  Aged wood and the correct curvature in the sound board can turn an old dull piano into a vibrant lustrous tone unleashing the hidden beauty from deep within.

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